Our Vision

Where are we going?
Our vision is to build a vibrant, all-age evangelical church in Maidstone, where everyone can discover a God who loves them and a family that cares about them.

Our Values

How do we get there?
We go (we say 'yes' to the direction God has for us)
We grow (we encourage others to follow Jesus too)
We give (we offer our time, our skills, our money)
We graft (we serve each other in ministry-teams)
We gather (we regularly worship together as family)

We Believe

In one Father God, the creator of everything we see, who has always existed and always will exist.
In Jesus Christ, God made man, who was crucified for the sins of the world, and came back to life again.
In the Holy Spirit of God, who fills us and enables us to be the people we were designed to be, day-by-day.
In the Bible - Old and New Testaments - which was inspired by God as His message to the human race.
In the preciousness of human beings, made in the image of God, but marred and damaged by sin.
In the need to trust in Jesus and follow Him, in order to enjoy a relationship with God that lasts forever.
In God's family, the Church - global and historical - established to represent Him here on earth.
In the 2nd coming of Jesus, who will return to judge the world, establish His Kingdom, and reign forever.

Before people can become actively involved in the life of our church, we ask them to sign the above statement of faith, as well as a vision and values statement.