Staff and Leadership


Below is an introduction to our church leaders and members of staff. Please pray for them as they lead us and seek God's direction for our fellowship.
In addition, we have a Doctrinal Advisory Board consisting of several Pastors from other churches in the town, which Steve meets with regularly.

Steve   Kellie2
Steve Edney - Pastor and Teaching and Pastoral Team Lead   Kellie Edney - Church Administrator and Resources Team Lead
Steve oversees the direction and spiritual well-being of the church, along with the Leadership Team that aids Steve in the day-to-day running of things.   Kellie is a rare combination of creative and organisational ability. She keeps us all in order and also enables the wonder of God's creativeness to be enjoyed and experienced.
David   SQ Mark
David Harman - Treasurer and Missions Coordinator   Mark Bingham - Outreach Coordinator

David's visits to Uganda enable him to appreciate the broadness of God's love and our responsibility to share His riches. He also loves spread sheets enabling him to look after our finances well.

  Mark is a Counties trained evangelist and helps to equip church members to participate in outreach work, as well as arrange for annual outreach training. 
SQ Neha    
Neha Lal - Families Coordinator    

Neha has three young daughters and seeks to ensure all our children are well prepared for life, both physically and spiritually. She is also one of our heroes in the National Health Service.


If you need to contact any of the Church Leadership please visit the Contact Us page.